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Homepages of friends and artists:

Rohedin Homepage My wacky son's even wackier website with his own digital art and the computer game he designed and programmed when he was only 12: Doug's Dung!
Sylvan Photographics My dear friend Sylvia 's beautiful photography can be admired on this page. Go feast your eyes.
Teresa Flavin I am very proud to know this beautiful and talented authoress and illustrator. Teresa, who was born and bred in the US, has her studio in Glasgow. I first met her when she kindly gave me a work placement as a student. Since then she has started writing children 's novels. Her first book, The Blackhope Enigma, was published this summer and she is busy working on the sequel. A rip roaring read and highly recommended. You don 't need to be 12 to enjoy it and you don 't need to own a child to buy it either!
The Blackhope Enigma Homepage Teresa 's book page (see above).
A Wee Scottish Lassie A Wee Scottish Lassie: Handcrafted and individually designed Scottish jewellery. Treat yourself and have a look!
Aine Scannell Website of a fellow printmaker and most interesting artist.
Morgan Erskine Friend and fellow rider Morgan Erskine is a young graphic designer with plenty of pzazz!
Senja Bownes Senja is one of the coolest people I know. I first met her at the Portmoak Festival art exhibition where she was showing her luscious landscape paitings. She was wearing black leathers, blond curls falling down her back and zoomed off on a vintage motorbike. She manages to hold down a job, paint wonderful pictures and be a great mum to two adorable daughters. Not bad, eh?
Lucy Campbell The beautiful website of the painter Lucy Campbell.
Thora Clyne Website of the artist and printmaker from Milnathort.
Over Dalkeith Stables Riding classes, hacking, livery, lovely people and a great source of inspiration. If you go through the photo galleries you might even find some pictures of us looking silly on horseback!

Printmaking studios:

FDPW The Dunfermline Printmakers ' Workshop: A fantastic place for amateurs and professionals alike. Printmaking is for everyone and highly addictive!!!
DCA The Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre. Great modern print studio with everything that makes your artist 's heart sing.
The Edinburgh Printmakers ' Studio A workshop with fantastic facilities, well run workshops and an exhibition space! Highly recommended!

Galleries and Exhibition Venues

POS All you need to know about Open Studios this year. The big event!
The Gallery, Kinross Our very own local little gallery.
Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum Whether you want to see a 500–year–old football or some modern art, this is a beautiful little museum / gallery.
The Portmoak Festival A fabulous local event! Check out the Pudding Club and the Art Exhibition!
Mainhill Gallery A great gallery in the Borders with a very personal touch.
The Aspect Prize Exhibition A good annual opportunity to exhibit in a big venue. The shows are always very mixed – well worth seeing if you want to buy new talent!

Art supplies:

Intaglio Printmaker Online Shop Shopping heaven for printmaking addicts. Hide the credit card before you browse!
Greatart Online Shop The other online art shop where I leave far too much money...